Seco-Larm Enforcer Photobeam Detector - E-931CS22RRCQ

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Enforcer Photobeam - Description

The Enforcer Photobeam Detector uses photoelectric sensors to alert you to customers, visitors or intruders entering your property, store or home. The kit is easy to install and will sound either a ding-dong chime or sound a siren when the photo beam is broken. Use it in a variety of applications from garage door safety sensors to door alarms.

With a range of up to 22 feet, the Enforcer Photobeam Detector signals the chime unit instantly when its path is crossed. The chime's speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off with the flip of a switch, and in siren mode, the sounding time is adjustable from 3 to 30 seconds. Unlike many door chime systems, there's no hardwiring required to install the IR Entry Alert System: All components simply plug into one another, and mounting brackets and a power adapter are included in the kit.
For indoor use only.

Enforcer Photobeam - Specifications

  • Dimensions - Sensor: 2 3/8" x 2 13/16" x 1 3/16"; Chime: 2 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 1 5/16"
  • Sensing Range: 22' (7m)
  • Supply Voltage: Sensor: 9-15 VDC, Chime: 12VDC
  • Total Current Drain: 100mA Max.
  • Standby Current: 25mA Max.
  • Light Source: IR LED
  • Control Output: Relay (AC 120V/DC 24V, 2A)
  • Ambient Temperature: -4º F (-4º - 20º C) ~ 122º F (50º C)
  • Speaker Response Time: ~1 sec. for Chime, 30 sec. for Alarm
  • Speaker Volume: Adjustable from 0 ~ max.
  • Alarm Time Range: Adjustable 3~30 sec. for alarm
  • External Chime Output: Ground output (100mA)
  • Speaker Output: Chime/Off/Alarm (selectable via switch)
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