Sure Action Pulsor Sensor - ENHP

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Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor:

Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor. Designed for home automation, marine security, and difficult residential security applications. Designed for security applications. Use with either the One-Zone (SU-111) or Three-Zone (SU-313) Processors. Up to 4 Pulsors can be wired per zone.

These pulsors respond to either the weight of a person bending a floor joist, a boat deck, a staircase, etc. or activates when a vehicle passes by it. Presence detectors are ideal for both security and home automation applications.

The sensitivity of the Pulsor can be adjusted through the processor allowing the system to be set to detect the weight of a man or woman, but not a 60-pound dog. Pulsors are invisible, extremely reliable, long-lasting and pet immune.

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