FloodStop - Sink and Basin Applications - FS38CD

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The FloodStop FS38CD features a hot and a cold water motorized, lead-free, water shut-off valve, that automatically close when a water leak is detected. Perfect for sinks anywhere in your home or office, the bathroom or kitchen that has the FloodStop installed is protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from water damage. The unit shuts off the water completely in the event of a leak.

The special thing about this unit is that it has DUAL valves for connecting the hot and cold water to it, as well as a battery backup unit that runs off of 4 "AA" batteries (Not Included). The FloodStop has beeps for different situations. If there are low batteries or no battery a warning beep will sound from the unit. As well there is an 87db level alarm that sounds if a water leak is detected.

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