Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro FA-800E

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Product Discontinued * Please see FA900E as replacement option


The Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro monitors for power failures and user selectable hi or low temperature thresholds and will call from 1-3 telephone numbers when it gets too hot or cold or when the power fails. For added piece of mind, you can call the Freeze Alarm Intermediate from any phone in the world and check power and temperature status!

The Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro is perfect for monitoring homes, cottages, vacation properties, or business. It's great for monitoring temperature controlled environments such as computer rooms for power status and temperature condition. The included temperature sensor is on a cord so it can be placed inside a freezer or cold room. The temperature sensor can detect temperatures from -55C to 150C.

The Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro runs off a standard 110V electrical outlet but also uses a 9V backup battery (not included) in case the power fails. Should the battery start to wear out, the Freeze Alarm Intermediate will call the three programmed telephone numbers as a warning.

The user can adjust the time power must be off before the unit starts calling (from 0 to 120 minutes). The temperature threshold can be between -54C to 149C and the unit can be set for either Celcius or Fahrenheit.

Emerson FA800E Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro Features:

  • Replaces Freeze Alarm Intermediate FA-I-CCA
  • Monitors temperature and power status.
  • Simply plugs in to AC power outlet. Temperature sensor is on a wire so can be used in a freezer or similar environment. Cord can be extended up to 100 feet
  • Power failure trigger selectable 0 to 120 minutes delay
  • Temperature setpoint user selectable from -54C to 149C or equivalent in F
  • Calls up to 3 numbers sequentially, at user selectable intervals until answered, or until you call back in to the unit
  • User can call in from any remote telephone and enter a password to hear the current temperature, power status and backup battery status
  • Main Unit Operating temperature range: -0C to 60C
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
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