Temp Alarm Dialer Pro - FA-900E

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Place the TempAlarm Dialer Pro anywhere in the home or business to be monitored, plug the included phone cord into a convenient jack, and plug the sensor into a standard wall jack. This sensor will not interfere with your existing telephone or power service, although it is not compatible with PBX or other multi-line business phone systems. In the event of a temperature dip or a power outage, the Freeze Alarm Pro will call the numbers you program, continuing to call until the alert is canceled. You can also connect auxiliary sensors to the Freeze Alarm, such as the Water Alarm Plus with Alarm, which checks for leaks and sounds an audible alert while also signaling your Deluxe Freeze Alarm, and record alarm messages specific to the supplementary sensors.

You can record several messages on the Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro. Each message can be approximately 15 seconds long and can be specific to the problem. The Freeze Alarm plays the applicable voice messages to the person answering the call or to an answering machine. If the alarm isn't canceled, the Freeze Alarm will immediately contact the second programmed number, followed by the third if it still isn't canceled. This cycle will continue after the amount of time you specify, either 15 minutes or 2 hours. You can cancel the alarm call-out in one of three methods: by answering a call from the Alarm, by calling it, or by switching it off manually.

In addition to receiving alerts, you can also call in to check on your home. After a selectable number of rings, the TempAlarm Dialer Pro will pick up, letting you enter your security password to check on the current temperature, power status and battery status. You can also remotely change any of the program menu settings, including the call-to phone numbers if desired. You can even continue to use your existing answering machine or voice-mail at the monitored location.

The Dialer Pro can also be used to alert you if the temperature rises above a temperature you specify. For those who leave pets at home during the day, this is helpful during the summer months if you wish to monitor your air conditioning. Integrate the alarm with your HVAC system, and the Freeze Alarm's Pre-Heat/Cool Feature even allows you to turn up or down the heat or air conditioning with a phone call.

Note: This model replaces the FA-D2 Freeze Alarm Deluxe FAD2

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