MarCELL MAR500A Cellular Freeze Alarm

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MarCELL MAR500A - Cellular Freeze Alarm

The MAR-500A is a cellular freeze alarm for properties that do not have a landline/telephone. It detect hi or low temperatures, freezing, humidity and power failures at the cottage, home, apartment, rental property or RV when the user is away. The MarCELL Freeze Alarm connects via the (Verizon) cellular network to the Sensored Life cloud service to enable alerts and notifications by email, SMS text message or voice message. The cloud portal also enables quick set up, set point adjustments and user contact updates.

Users can log in to the the cloud via a web browser to check status from anywhere. In case of an alarm, alerts are sent right away. In addition, even without an alarm condition the MarCELL will also send regular updates to the cloud for historical data logging and status.

A subscription is required to use MarCEL> Choose annual, seasonal, or month-to-month Cellular billing options from $8.25* per month! Start and stop service as needed.
*Subject to change
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