Mier Wireless Driveway Entry Alert - DA-600

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The Model DA-600 Drive-Alert is a direct wireless replacement for the original hard-cabled DA-500 model. The wireless DA-610 sensor/transmitter takes the place of the cable and sensor used with the DA-500. The receiver operates on 110 volts AC with an internal 24 volt DC power supply. A relay output is provided that can be used for control of external equipment. The relay can be used with 24 volts DC available or Form C dry contacts. An internal piezo whistle for alarm sounding is included in the receiver cabinet. The whistle may be switched off if desired. The DA-600 will operate the DA-655 Chime with Volume Control, the DA-505 Timer Control for extended light control, the DA-052 Remote Whistle, or other external bells and relays. The receiver includes a low battery lamp indicating when the DA-610 transmitter batteries need attention. An adjustable alarm time control allows 2 seconds to 12 seconds of alarm time for each vehicle detected. Four user selectable address switches must be set to match the code switches in the DA-610 transmitter to allow signal detection.


The driveway monitor Vehicle Announcer detects cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, or any large moving metal object. When a vehicle is detected, the sensor transmits a signal to the control panel which sounds an electronic alert. All models can also turn on lights, open gates, turn on video equipment, or activate a number of other desired features.

An unlimited number of sensors can be used to protect multiple areas!

The sensors can also be placed in or next to stationary equipment such as tractors, mobile homes, campers, gas tanks, trailers, etc. The driveway monitor will sound an alarm if this equipment is moved. Thus, aiding in the prevention of theft or vandalism.

*This system is designed for driveways which are less than 1000' in length

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