Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - RCTC-10U

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Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Description

The Optex commercial Door Switch system is composed of the Optex TC10 Door Switch with wireless transmitter and the Optex RC20 Chime receiver.
The TC10 Door Switch sends an alert signal to the Optex RC20 Chime every time it detects the door it is monitoring opening. The kit can be installed in minutes and can be used with other Optex Driveway alarm products.

Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Specifications

TC10 Specifications

  • Dry Contact Inputs
  • Wireless Range of 700 feet
  • Fits inside the battery compartment of Optex Sensors
  • Can also work as a door or window sensor

RC-20U Chime Specifications

  • Power Source - 9VDC Power Adapter (included)
  • Chime Tones - 3 Tones and one "Latching" alarm
  • Volume: Adjustable: 0~80dB/5 levels (Continuous zone: max.)
  • Relay Rating: 50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max.
  • Output Timer: Selectable: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility output mode
  • Radio Frequency: 418MHz
  • Operating Temperature: 15°F~204°F (-20°C~+40°C)
  • Maximum Number of Transmitters: 15°F~204°F (-20°C~+40°C)

Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Included

  • 1 - Optex RC-20U
  • 1 - Optex TC10U
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