Sensaphone Alarm with Satellite Connection - FGD-SAT4D

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The Sensaphone SAT4D is a robust 4 zone alarm unit perfect for remote applications. The included battery has a life expectancy of 5 years and the NEMA enclosure ensures longevity even when installed in remote, outdoor applications. The four inputs are all 'dry contact' meaning they can monitor any open or closed style sensor outputs. The SAT4D communicates via a satellite connection* with the Sensaphone servers uploading sensor statuses. If an alarm condition is detected the SAT4D immediately sends the appropriate alarm command back to the servers where the programmed alarm action (user programmable) takes place, allowing personnel to be alerted by phone call, email or text message. The SAT4D is also equipped with an internal GPS, making it all but impossible to misplace the device.

*FGDSAT1Y annual connection plan required.
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