Sensaphone Telephone Dialers

Sensaphone Telephone Dialers

  • Sensaphone 1400 - FGD-1400
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    Sensaphone 1400 - FGD-1400

    The FGD-1400 is a robust four zone alarm dialer. Complete with rechargeable battery backup and protected inside a NEMA-4X case this alarm dialer is perfect for use in barns, greenhouses etc.

Sensaphone Telephone Dialers


Sensaphone provides telephone alarm dialers for homes, cottages, green houses, farms, agricultural facilities where a voice call is needed to alert staff or owners of a problem.  These phone dialers can connect to existing systems and sensors by way of a dry contat input.  Or they can also support a variety of 4-20mA sensors.  They will also monitor for power failures.

The FGD400 and FGD800 are perfect for home, cottage or office.

The Sensaphone FGD1400 and FGD1800 are well suited for commercial, farm, industrial or outdoor environments with their NEMA4X enclosures that can also be locked to prevent unauthorized access.  The FGD140 and FGD1800 also offer a longer warranty and support for a wider range of sensors.