Sensaphone IMS-4000 Enterprise Monitoring Host Unit - IMS-4001

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Sensaphone IMS4000 - Description

The Sensaphone IMS-4000 Alarm Monitor is an all-in-one monitoring and alarm solution for larger computer facilities and networks. With nearly endless expandability make the IMS-4000 your alarm monitor for all your environmental, security and network operation needs. The Sensaphone IMS-4000 system is a stand alone infrastructure monitoring system with an integrated voice and modem, an internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and a web server, in a simple-to-install 1U rack mountable package. From the wide array of its plug-and-play monitoring devices to its sophisticated software, the IMS-4000 is a complete, flexible, integrated system.

Sensaphone IMS-4000 - Specifications


  • Each Host supports up to 31 IMS-4000 Nodes
  • Host and Node each monitor 8 environment conditions
  • Supports 64 IP addresses per Host and Node
  • Internal battery backup
  • 1U rack-mountable configuration, or wall-mountable
  • 230/115v auto-power sensing
  • 100% Fault Tolerant: The IMS-4000 Host and Node have no moving componentsnon-volatile storage eliminates disk problems.
  • Internal UPS: Each unit contains its own internal UPS so that power failures will not stop it from getting the message out when your infrastructure is in trouble.
  • Cable failure: The IMS-4000 even senses the condition of cable connections. If a cable failure occurs in your infrastructure, you will be notified immediately.
  • Monitor more than your network: With the use of the IMS Dry Contact Bridge, you can monitor devices outside your network that affect its environment, such as air conditioners and UPS systems.
  • Data Logging: Full event-history and trending are provided with the IMS-4000 Data Logging feature. User selectable sampling lets you store critical information about your infrastructure by the minute, hour or day.
  • Data can be used for graphing, database or auditing and review.


  • Shipping Weight 4 lbs.
  • Batteries (6) 1.5 Volt "C" cell alkaline (not included)
  • Telephone Connection FCC approved RJ-11 plug-in modular connector with 6' cord
  • Operating Temperature Range Unit should be kept between 32° F and 120° F
  • Temperature Sensing Range -20º F to 150º F with remote temperature sensor
  • NRTL listed for compliance with U. L. Standard 60950-1
  • Host Operating Specifications
  • Temperature: 221 23° F
  • Humidity: 5-90% RH non-condensing
  • Power Supply: 90-260VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 25 Watts
  • Power Connection: IEC 320
  • Dimensions: 1.75" H x 9.5" D x 19" W
  • Backup Battery: 12V 2.9 AH Sealed Gel Cell
  • Backup Time: 3.5 Hours

Host Communications Specifications

  • Ethernet: 10Base-T, 10 Mbps
  • RS-232: DB9, 9600bps, DTE
  • Modem: 33.6Kbps
  • Fax: Group 3, 14.4Kbps
  • Voice Processor: Yes
  • Host Environmental Monitoring
  • Internal Monitoring: AC Power (True RMS Voltage), Backup Battery Level, Sound Level (in dB)
  • Number of Sensor Ports: 8
  • Sensor Types: Temperature, Humidity, Water, Power, Infrared Motion, Smoke, Dry Contact
  • Sensor Input Connector: RJ-45
  • Sensor Cables: CAT-5, 568B
  • Cable Length: 1000'
  • Visual Indicators: LED's, Normal and Alarm
  • External Microphone: 3.5mm jack, electret condenser
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