STI-V34100 Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm with Voice Alert

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The STI-V34100 is a Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm. It detects when a vehicle enters or leaves your driveway using a patented solar powered magnetometer vehicle sensor. When a car or truck is sensed, the wireless receiver will play your selected chime or voice announcement and light up the LED indicator. This alert system is expandable - up to 4 STI-34xxx sensors may be used, each with its own alert and indicator light. An additional STI-V34104 receiver may be added in another location. Due to this advanced design, people, animals and shadows will not trigger the driveway sensor. The driveway vehicle sensor may be placed up to 1000 feet (line of sight) away from the receiver in your home. The driveway sensor has a built-in solar power that runs the system during the day and charges the included rechargeable batteries. When the sun goes down, the batteries kick in to keep the system running.
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