STI-V34150 Wireless Driveway Alert with Voice Alert

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STI V34150 Wireless Driveway Alarm System with Voice Alerts

Make sure you know when vehicles enter your driveway or property, and avoid nuisance alerts often associated with PIR motion sensing style units.  The STI-V34150 uses a patented magnetometer (magnetic) driveway sensor that can either mount to a wall or post, or stick in the ground alongside your driveway.  The battery powered magnetic sensor only senses moving metal objects like cars and trucks, avoiding false alarms from people or animals.

When vehicle motion is sensed, the sensor transmits a wireless signal up to 1000 feet* to the wireless receiver station.  The wireless receiver plugs in to a wall outlet at your home or shop and can be set to play one of 10 tones/tunes or 53 spoken words to alert you.

The vehicle sensor sensitivity can be set to low, medium or high depending on your installation needs and proximity to other roads/drives.

The STI wireless alert system can be expanded by adding up to 3 additional STI-34xxx series wireless driveway or magnetic contact sensor/transmitters.    Each sensor also has its own LED indicator on the wireless receiver.  An additional STI-V34104 receiver may be added for a second alert location.


STI-V34150 Wireless Driveway Monitor Specifications

  • Battery powered sensor driveway
  • Uses magnetic sensing to pick up moving metal (vehicles)
  • Wireless receiver plugs into a standard electrical outlet (indoor use only).
  • Operates with up to 1000 feet* between sensor and receiver.
  • Easy installation - simply mount the sensor next to your driveway on the included stake or mount to a post or wall, and plug the receiver into any electrical wall outlet inside your home or shop.
  • Additional sensor(s) will produce a different chime from the receiver when triggered and trigger the respective LED indicator.
  • Will not be triggered by animals, people or shadows.
  • Sensor operates on 2 C Cell Batteries (not included)
  • Can be set to low, medium or high sensitivity level (factory default is high).
  • Wireless frequency: 433 MHz
  • Maximum optimal range for vehicle detection: 12'
  • Up to 4 sensors can be used.
  • A second receiver may be added
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