STI-34200 STI Wireless Door Switch with Chime

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STI Door Switch - Descriptions

This door switch is triggered when the door to your home, mailbox, or even fridge! is opened. The sensor sends a wireless radio signal to the indoor receiver display (up to 1000 feet away) which will chime and flash. If the supervised transmitter is removed, stolen, loses signal, or battery is low, the receiver will produce a single beep once a minute. The sensor uses one 3-volt lithium battery (included), with an average life of 5 years in normal use. The receiver uses 120 VAC input/12VDC output adapter (included).

STI Door Switch - Specifications

  • Indoor unit will chime and flash announcing arrival of mail.
  • Easy installation.
  • Additional transmitters will produce a different chime from the receiver when triggered.
  • Magnetic contact with 18 inch lead for irregular installations.
  • Small, rugged and weatherproof sensor provides years of reliable service.
  • Up to 1000 foot (line of sight) range.
  • Includes lithium battery (estimated battery life is 5 years with normal use).
  • Supervised low battery indicator (unit will produce an individual beep once every minute).

STI Door Switch - Inlcuded

  • 1 - door switch and battery
  • 1 - indoor receiver
  • 1 - 12V AC/DC Adapter for receiver
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