Sure Action Driveway Alarm - WP5C

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Complete Battery-Operated Vehicle Detection Probe Package.

Sure Action's Wireless Probe System, with a 2000' wireless range means you can install a fully customizable vehicle detection probe system almost anywhere!
There are many difficult environmental instances when a battery-operated system is preferred to running long wire runs with a hardwired system such as:
  • Mountainous rocky terrain where it is difficult to trench
  • Extremely firm ground such as a desert
  • On a ranch where the nearest building is more than a mile away
  • Areas that experience severe lightning storms where a long wire run would act like a huge antenna

Magnetic Probe Vehicle Detectors monitor the earth's magnetic field. When any metal moves past the vehicle probe, it creates a electric signal that can be detected by a processor. The processor can then translate this into action such as turning on lights, sounding a chime, turn on a video camera, trigger a gate, and more!

Model WP4C Includes:

  • 1x WP5 processor
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 2x 9V Lithium batteries
  • 1x NEMA III transmitter and processor enclosure
  • 1x P500 probe with 25-feet 22/2 shielded burial cable
  • 1x Pre-programmed Receiver
  • 1x 12VDC Reciever power supply
  • 1x CHIMEPLT Chime with on/off switch(Wireless Chime option available)
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