Door Alarm and Entry Alert

Door Alarm and Entry Alert

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    Rodann Electronics

    Rodann Motion Sensing Driveway Sensor - TX2000A

    Rodann Electronics TX2000A wireless driveway sensor. Expand you existing Rodann Driveway alarm with this infra-red driveway motion sensor. It will detect people and vehicles and send a wireless alarm signal back to a Rodann RX2000A receiver up to 2000...
  • Optex Wireless Sensor - TD-20U
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    Optex Wireless Sensor - TD-20U

    The Optex TD-2OU is a wireless infra-red motion sensor. When it detects a person, vehicle etc. it will send a wireless alert signal up to 2000 feet back to the Optex RC-20U or RC-10U chime recevier(s). This sensor is completely weatherproof.
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    Sure Action

    Sure Action Pulsor Sensor - ENHP

    Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor: Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor. Designed for home automation, marine security, and difficult residential security applications. Designed for security applications. Use with either the One-Zone (SU-111) or Three-Zone...
  • Optex Bundle - RCTD-20U - TD-20U
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    Optex Bundle - RCTD-20U - TD-20U

    Special Offer - Optex RCTD20U System with Extra Transmitter When you purchase an Optex RCTD20U system you get Two (2) TD20U Sensor/Transmitters, and One (1) RC20U Receiver. Ideal for detecting in two locations and transmit to a single receiver. ...
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    Seco-Larm Enforcer Photobeam Detector - E-931CS22RRCQ

    Enforcer Photobeam - Description The Enforcer Photobeam Detector uses photoelectric sensors to alert you to customers, visitors or intruders entering your property, store or home. The kit is easy to install and will sound either a ding-dong chime or...
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    Optex Doorbell Chime - RCTS-10U

    Optex Door Chime The Optex TS-10U Wireless Transmitter can be used in conjunction with the Optex RC20 Receiver as a wireless door chime system. You can even add an Optex TD20U driveway sensor to the kit and have both a driveway and door bell chime for...
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    STI-34200 STI Wireless Door Switch with Chime

    STI Door Switch - Descriptions This door switch is triggered when the door to your home, mailbox, or even fridge! is opened. The sensor sends a wireless radio signal to the indoor receiver display (up to 1000 feet away) which will chime and flash. If...
  • STI Barking Dog Alarm - ED-55
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    ED-55 STI Barking Dog Alarm

    Rex II, the electronic watchdog alarm, never needs sleep, a walk, food or water, yet is always on duty guarding and protecting. In addition to the choice of a ferocious dog(s), Rex II also offers a siren or greeting announcer. Rex II is versatile and...
  • Rodann Indoor Motion Detector System - TXRX1000A
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    Rodann Electronics

    Rodann Indoor Motion Detector System - TXRX1000A

    The TX1000A/RX1000A motion detector incorporates stateoftheart passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology with wireless convenience for detecting infrared energy emitted by the human body, when in motion, within a given detection area. This unit is not...
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    Optex Handheld Transmitter - TS-10U

    OPTS10 Handheld Transmitter - Description The TS-10U is a portable wireless transmitter. When a wireless alert signal is sent from the transmitter to the RC20U receiver - it can be used as a wireless doorbell, desk buzzer, room chime or even a panic...
  • Optex Wireless Repeater TR-20U
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    Optex Wireless Repeater TR-20U

    Optex Wireless Repeater TR-20U - Extend the wireless range of your Optex system by up to 1000'! Plug your TR-20U in an indoor location and simply extend the range of your Optex door or driveway alarm system

Door Alarm and Entry Alert


There's nothing worse than missing a sale because you didn't know a customer entered your store, or missing a delivery because the courier gave up and drove away.

By using a door alarm or door entry alert system you'll be able to set up a chime, strobe, siren or whatever form of notification is needed so you'll never miss a customer or visitor again.

Door alarms can also be used for security applications to control access and alert if someone opens the door to a secure area unannounced.