Driveway Alarm Accessories

Driveway Alarm Accessories

Driveway Alarm  Accessories


Add accessories to your driveway alarm, like sirens, strobes, dialers, email or text alert systems.

  • Mier Wireless Repeater

    Mier Products

    Mier Wireless Repeater

    Extend the range of the Mier wireless driveway alert system with the DA-REPEATER. The DA-REPEATER can extend the wireless range up to 1000 feet direct line of sight. Note that the repeater must be placed where the originating signal is still strong,...
  • Mier Products

    Mier Plug in Chime

    Mier DA-078 Plug-In Wireless Chime Extend your driveway alarm system with this device in conjunction with the DA066MP Mier Transmitter. The Mier DA-078 chime operates by being plugged into any 110V outlet. In case the device sounds too loud or too quiet,...
  • STI Transmitter Repeater - STI-34109


    STI Transmitter Repeater - STI-34109

    STI Transmitter Repeater - Descriptions This device extends the range of the STI receivers up to an additional 1000 feet with no programming required. STI Transmitter Repeater - Specifications 1000' range 12 V AC/DC power no...
  • Seco-Larm Accessory Timer - SA-025Q


    Seco-Larm Accessory Timer - SA-025Q

    Accessory Timer This timer is easy to setup and use with all of our driveway alarm accessories. Use the timer to have the driveway sensor activate accessories for a specified length of time immediately after it detects something, or use the timer to add...
  • Mier Pleasant Sounding Chime - DA-655

    Mier Products

    Mier Pleasant Sounding Chime - DA-655

    For those cases where a more pleasant tone is desired, instead of the whistle within the control panel of the >DA-500 or DA-600, the DA-655 provides a pleasant tone. This unit can be hardwired to the control panel of the Mier DA-500 or Mier DA-600, and...
  • Mier Timer - DA-505

    Mier Products

    Mier Timer - DA-505

    When used in conjunction with the Drive-Alert, it will turn on 10 amps of lights, sirens or bells. The unit simply plugs into a 120 VAC outlet and contains its own receptacle to provide power to lights or alarms. The alarm or lights can be adjusted to...