Driveway Alarms

Driveway Alarms

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    Mier DA-051 - Magnetic AP Probe Vehicle Sensor

    The driveway probe only detects moving metal so you will never receive false alerts from animals, people etc. The driveway probe detects moving metal and sends an alarm signal up the wire back to the DA500CP control box (not included) in your home which...
  • Mier Wireless Control Panel - DA100CP
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    Mier Products

    Mier Wireless Control Panel - DA100CP

    Add another wireless receiver to your Mier DA100 wireless driveway alert system so you can receive alerts in the barn, home, garage, shop, etc.
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    Mier Products

    Mier Driveway Alerting System - DA-500

    The Original Drive-Alert The DA500 Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection System includes a control panel with an internal alert whistle, a sensor, and 100 feet of cable. Other lengths available from 10' up to 1500'. See our Options and Accessories for longer...
  • Mier Pleasant Sounding Chime - DA-655
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    Mier Products

    Mier Pleasant Sounding Chime - DA-655

    For those cases where a more pleasant tone is desired, instead of the whistle within the control panel of the >DA-500 or DA-600, the DA-655 provides a pleasant tone. This unit can be hardwired to the control panel of the Mier DA-500 or Mier DA-600, and...
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    Mier Products

    Mier Driveway Alarm Controller - DA-500CP

    The Drive-Alert Driveway Alarm System is a multi-purpose, solid-state electronic alarm system designed to detect traffic in driveways, farm lanes, drive-up windows, or any area where knowledge of vehicle movement is desired. The Mier Driveway Alarm...
  • Mier DA-052V Remote Whistle with Volume Control
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    Mier Products

    Mier DA-052V Remote Whistle with Volume Control

    The same electronic whistle as the one contained inside the DA-500 and DA-600 control box, but mounted on a chrome plate for installation in additional areas such as a den, kitchen, or bedroom. As many as 10 remote whistles may be installed.
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    Mier Products

    Mier Plug in Chime

    Mier DA-078 Plug-In Wireless Chime Extend your driveway alarm system with this device in conjunction with the DA066MP Mier Transmitter. The Mier DA-078 chime operates by being plugged into any 110V outlet. In case the device sounds too loud or too quiet,...
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    Mier Products

    Mier Wireless Vehicle Sensor - DA-610TO

    The wireless DA-610 sensor/transmitter detect vehicles as they pass within 15 feet (30 foot diameter), and then transmit a signal to the control panel/receiver. The sensitivity of the sensor/transmitters can be adjusted as low as 6 feet, which is ideal...
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    Dakota Alert

    Dakota MURS Alert Probe Transmitter - MAPSTRAN

    The MURS Alert Probe Sensor is a long-range wireless driveway alarm that will detect vehicles only. It combines the features of the vehicle sensor drive alert with our MURS Alert technology. The MURS Probe is very reliable and will not give false signals...
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    STI-V34150 Wireless Driveway Alert with Voice Alert

    STI V34150 Wireless Driveway Alarm System with Voice Alerts Make sure you know when vehicles enter your driveway or property, and avoid nuisance alerts often associated with PIR motion sensing style units.  The STI-V34150 uses a patented...
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    Mier Products

    Mier Wireless Driveway Entry Alert - DA-600

    The Model DA-600 Drive-Alert is a direct wireless replacement for the original hard-cabled DA-500 model. The wireless DA-610 sensor/transmitter takes the place of the cable and sensor used with the DA-500. The receiver operates on 110 volts AC with an...

Driveway Alarms and Drive Thru Alerts

There's nothing worse than having a visitor sneak up on you, or missing a customer because you didn't realize they had come and gone.  With a larger property you may also have nosy guests or thieves looking to steal from you.

There are many different styles of driveway alarms, motion sensing alerts and drive thru alerts.   They are 3 popular styles of driveway alarms and drive thru alerts:

  1. Motion Sensing - These systems will be triggered by any warm body moving in front of the sensor including vehicles, people and larger animals
  2. Magnetic Probe - These sense changes in magnetic fields created by the movement of larger metallic objects like cars or trucks.  They can also detect moving industrial bins for garbage or storage.
  3. Rubber Hose - These use a rubber hose laid on the ground.  Moving air from the hose when a vehicle passes over it will trigger the alert.

Regardless of the style, when motion is sensed, a signal is sent to a control box that will typically play a chime or warning tone in one or more locations to alert staff, residents or owners.   In some cases the systems can also be connected to remote telephone dialers, email or text message alerts, as well as local sirens or strobes.