Mier Driveway Alerting System - DA-500

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The Original Drive-Alert

The DA500 Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection System includes a control panel with an internal alert whistle, a sensor, and 100 feet of cable. Other lengths available from 10' up to 1500'.

See our Options and Accessories for longer lengths of cable and other features which can easily be added. Popular accessories include chimes and lights.

The DA500 has a sensor which monitors a 10 foot radius (20' diameter) to detect disturbances in the magnetic field caused by vehicle traffic in driveways, farm lanes, intersections and any areas where knowledge of vehicle movement is desired. Up to three additional sensors may be added to a DA-500. The DA-500 sensor is not a PIR or "beam" sensor. Thus, the DA-500 does not have the false alarms common to that type of sensor; such as being triggered by animals, fog, weather, etc...


A residential installation allows the homeowner to know when someone enters the driveway. This is accomplished by a buried sensor which detects moving metal objects such as cars, trucks, motorcycles or bikes. Then the sensor sends a signal to the control panel which sounds an electronic whistle alert.

Businesses and Drive-Up Windows

Restaurants, banks, and other businesses across the country utilize the Drive-Alert to detect traffic at their drive-up windows. The DA-655 Chime Accessory is HIGHLY recommended for Drive-up Window Applications, and other high-traffic applications where a DA-500 is used, because it provides a pleasant tone with volume control.

Activation of Other Systems

The DA500 Control Panel has dry contacts that can be used to activate gates, DVRs, external bells, lights, strobes, sirens, etc. whenever the DA-500 detects vehicles or a disturbance in the magnetic field around the sensor(s).

Asset Protection for Farms, Construction Sites, etc.

Placing the sensor next to objects such as campers, tractors, trailers, gasoline tanks, etc. allows you to detect any movement of those objects; aiding in the prevention of theft and vandalism.

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