Mier Wireless Driveway Alarm - DA-100

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Know when someone enters your driveway! The Mier DA100 wireless driveway alarm kit is perfect for monitoring driveways where it's not possible to run wiring to the driveway sensor. The DA100 uses a buried vehicle probe that connects to the wireless transmitter via a 50 foot cable. The probe will only detect large moving metal objects like cars and trucks and will NOT produce false alarms from people or animals. The wireless transmitter will send a signal up to 1000 feet direct line of sight back to the receiver. Note that walls and structure will reduce this range. The wireless receiver will play an alert chime to let you know a vehicle has been detected. The volume control lets you set the alert volume to your liking. The wireless transmitter is battery powered and can last up to 3 years depending on trigger frequency and environment/temperature.
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