Mier Wireless Vehicle Sensor - DA-610TO

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The wireless DA-610 sensor/transmitter detect vehicles as they pass within 15 feet (30 foot diameter), and then transmit a signal to the control panel/receiver. The sensitivity of the sensor/transmitters can be adjusted as low as 6 feet, which is ideal for drive-up window applications. Sensors placed on the ground allow for a transmitting distance up to 500' for all of our wireless models. Mounting the sensor/transmitter 3-5' above ground increases that range up to 1000'. Adding the factory installed DA-660 booster antenna to the control panels increases the range up to 2500' and in some cases 3000'! NOTE: For proper signal/warning receipt, it is important that the control panels/receivers for our wireless models be mounted above ground. Mounting the control panel in a basement will severely interfere with the systems performance.

Sensors are enclosed in a durable and weatherproof enclosure. They are powered by just two AA batteries, which last about one year under normal usage and are easy to replace. A low-battery light indicates when it is time to change them.

The Drive-Alert Driveway Alarm Sensor is Easily Installed and Hidden

The DA-610 driveway alarm sensor is about the size of a brick, so its easy to place and easy to hide.

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