Dakota Alert 4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Kit

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Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Kit

The Dakota Alert 4000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell and Driveway Alarm kit is perfect for home owners, business operators and store owners who want to know when someone is entering their property or approaching their home or business.  It provides two functions in one kit:

  1. Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor Alarm - detects people or vehicles entering your driveway, property or approaching the house or store entrance
  2. Wireless Doorbell or Gate Alert - The doorbell can be mounted at a gate or door to allow guests to call

This dual function kit includes an outdoor rated wireless PIR motion sensor that can monitor a driveway, entrance, gate, porch or other areas on your property.  It also includes a wireless push button doorbell or gate call button.  When either wireless devices are triggered, the included wireless receiver will light it's LED indicator and will play the chosen tune to let you know visitors, customers or unwanted guests have arrived.

The push button and motion sensor can each be programmed to make a different tone so you'll know which one was triggered.

The system can be expanded by adding additional Dakota 4000 series transmitters including:

  • DCMT4000 wireless PIR motion sensor
  • DCPA4000 wireless metal sensing vehicle probe
  • UT4000 wireless push button, door/window open sensor and universal transmitter


Dakota Alert Doorbell and Driveway Bell Kit - Specifications

Chime Receiver Specifications

  • 12 Different Chimes Tones
  • Volume Control
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Operating Voltage - 12VDC - Power Supply Included
  • Frequency - 433.92 MHz

Driveway Sensor Specifications

  • Power Source - 1 9V Battery (not included)
  • Battery Life - 6 to 12 months
  • Frequency - 433.92 MHz
  • Sensor Type - Passive Infra Red
  • Operating Temperature Range - (-)30° F to 110° F
  • Wireless Range - 4000 Feet (1 Mile)*
  • Low Battery Warning

Wireless Doorbell Specifications

  • Can be activated using Push Button, door/window sensor, or terminal inputs (N/O or N/C)
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Battery required: 3 Volt Lithium (included)
  • Wireless Range: 4000 feet or 1 mile*
  • Weather Resistant (suitable for outdoor use)
  • Built in Magnetic Reed Switch (can also be used as door or window sensor or mailbox alert)


Dakota Alert Wireless Doorbell and Driveway Alarm Kit - Included

  • 1 - DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Wireless Receiver
  • 1 - 12V Power Supply for DCR-2500 Receiver
  • 1 - DCMT-4000 Dakota Alert Infrared Driveway Sensor
  • 1 - DCUT-4000 Wireless Doorbell


* Wireless range is based on direct line of sight without interference or obstructions.  Real range will be reduced based on these environmental factors.

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