Driveway Alarm Accessories

Driveway Alarm Accessories

  • Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes , 250 Foot
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    Dakota Alert

    Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes , 250 Foot

    Replacement probe and wire for Dakota Alert Hard Wired Vehicle Detection Kit. For use with the Dakota Alert 2500, 3000, 4000 Series Duty Cycle Probe Transmitter The vehicle sensor probe should be buried parallel to or under the driveway. Then the direct...
  • STI-34109 STI Transmitter Repeater - STI-34109
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    STI-34109 STI Transmitter Repeater - STI-34109

    STI Transmitter Repeater - Descriptions This device extends the range of the STI receivers up to an additional 1000 feet with no programming required. STI Transmitter Repeater - Specifications 1000' range 12 V AC/DC power no...
  • Mier Timer - DA-505
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    Mier Products

    Mier Timer - DA-505

    When used in conjunction with the Drive-Alert, it will turn on 10 amps of lights, sirens or bells. The unit simply plugs into a 120 VAC outlet and contains its own receptacle to provide power to lights or alarms. The alarm or lights can be adjusted to...

Driveway Alarm  Accessories


Add accessories to your driveway alarm, like sirens, strobes, dialers, email or text alert systems.