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Freeze and Temperature Alarms

Freeze and Temperature Alarms Categories

WiFi Temperature Alarms
WiFi internet remote monitoring and alerts.
Freeze Alarm Monitor and Dialer
Freeze Alarm Temperature Monitor and Dialer
Wireless Temp Alert
Wireless Temperature Alert Monitoring System
Winland Enviro Alert
Winland Enviro Alert Environment Monitors
Cell Phone Dialer
Cellular Freeze, Temperature and Power Failure Monitors - No Landline Required
Accessories for Alarms and Dialers
Customize your Alarm System!

Our Alarms and Dialers can be accessorized to specifically suit your needs!
Rest easy knowing everything is just as you left it.

  • For your Home or Cottage: Vacation with peace of mind knowing if anything happens at your home or cottage while you are gone you will be the first to know!

  • For your Greenhouse: Keep track of conditions such as temperature and humidity inside your greenhouse while you are away!

  • For your Livestock Barn: Keep track of the temperature inside your barn and be warned of a power outage while you are away!

  • For your Server or Equipment Room: Remotley monitor the temperature, power and other conditions of a sensitive server or equipment room!
Use a Temperature Monitor and Dialer to Monitor your Home or Cottage
Use a Temperature Monitor and Dialer to protect your Greenhouse
Protect your Livestock using a Monitor and Dialer
Monitor and Protect Sensitive Equipment
...for your home or cottage
...for your greenhouse
...for your livestock barn
...for your server/equipment room