Freeze and Temperature Alarms

Freeze and Temperature Alarms

  • Winland Enviro Alert 800 - EA-800

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    Winland Enviro Alert 800 - EA-800

    Winland's latest EnviroAlert monitor model EA800 has the capability of monitoring up to eight sensors (4 wireless, 4 hardwired) for temperature, humidity, water detection, and industrial measurements such as pressure or flow. With a designated relay...

Freeze and Temperature Alarms

When temperatures drop, pipes can freeze, crops are damaged, livestock may parish.  When temperatures get too high, food can spoil, vaccines and the like need to be disposed of and our pets or livestock can be impacted.

Freeze Alarms and Temperature warning alerts can be used to monitor homes, cottages, remote properties, farms, green houses, fridges and freezers to ensure they are operating within normal temperature ranges.

An investment in a freeze or temperature monitoring system can pay huge dividends if it prevents even one single catastrophe caused by hot or cold temperatures and freezing.