• Sure Action Pulsor Sensor - ENHP
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    Sure Action

    Sure Action Pulsor Sensor - ENHP

    Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor: Sure Action Inc's ENHP Pulsor. Designed for home automation, marine security, and difficult residential security applications. Designed for security applications. Use with either the One-Zone (SU-111) or Three-Zone...
  • Optex Handheld Transmitter - TS-10U
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    Optex Handheld Transmitter - TS-10U

    OPTS10 Handheld Transmitter - Description The TS-10U is a portable wireless transmitter. When a wireless alert signal is sent from the transmitter to the RC20U receiver - it can be used as a wireless doorbell, desk buzzer, room chime or even a panic...


Intercoms can be used for convenience, security, communication and safety applications.  Chose from audio only intercoms, video intercoms and video doorbells.  Applications include homes, garages, offices, doctor and medical offices, secure access facilities, customer drive thru locations and more.