Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

  • Sensaphone SAT4D One Year of Communication Service
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    Sensaphone SAT4D One Year of Communication Service

    One year of satellite communication for use with your SAT4D*. This is how your SAT4D alarm unit communicates with the Sensaphone servers which in turn you can monitor and have alert you to your customized alarm conditions.
  • Sensaphone IMS-4000 Monitoring Node Expansion Unit - IMS-4002
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    Sensaphone IMS-4000 Monitoring Node Expansion Unit - IMS-4002

    Sensaphone IMS-4000 Node - Description Extend your monitoring capability across multiple locations with the IMS-4000 Node. Each Node offers 64 more IP addresses, 8 more environmental sensors and additional power monitoring to your system. Each...
  • Sensaphone 800 - FGD-800
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    Sensaphone 800 - FGD-800

    The Sensaphone FGD-0800 alarm dialer has eight (8) alarm inputs and can contact up too eight (8) different phone numbers in an alarm event. Each alarm input can monitor a Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor type, or a 2.8K thermistor (temperature)...
  • Sensaphone 1400 - FGD-1400
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    Sensaphone 1400 - FGD-1400

    The FGD-1400 is a robust four zone alarm dialer. Complete with rechargeable battery backup and protected inside a NEMA-4X case this alarm dialer is perfect for use in barns, greenhouses etc.

Remote Monitoring


We provide emote monitoring and data logging equipment for:

  • Medical Storage
  • Food Storage
  • Data Centers
  • Green Houses
  • Grow Ops
  • Water Treatment
  • Agriculture / Farms
  • Remote Properties

By monitoring sensor data it's possible to have an early warning alert before disaster strikes.  Staff can be immediately notified in case of a power failure, high or low temperature, freezing, overheating, high or low pressure, water leaks, flooding or security events.

Monitoring sensor data can also provide the business owner with the ability to predict failures BEFORE they happen by looking for changes in temperature, pressure or vibration patterns in equipment.

In a regulated environment like medical and food cold storage, temperatures can be closely monitored and historical sensor data can be reported to prove that the storage environment has been kept at optimal temperatures at all times.

In a data center, these remote monitoring equipment can water for security events, monitor server up time, power failures, waters, high temperatures or high humidity.

In a home, cottage or manufacturing facility, these systems can also watch for freezing temperatures or power failures in order to prevent property damage.

Some of our monitoring solutions can also tie in to existing automation and control systems using modbus.