Sensaphone Satellite Monitoring

Sensaphone Satellite Monitoring

  • Sensaphone Alarm with Satellite Connection - FGD-SAT4D
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    Sensaphone Alarm with Satellite Connection - FGD-SAT4D

    The Sensaphone SAT4D is a robust 4 zone alarm unit perfect for remote applications. The included battery has a life expectancy of 5 years and the NEMA enclosure ensures longevity even when installed in remote, outdoor applications. The four inputs are...

Sensaphone Satellite Remote Monitoring and Alerts

For remote locations without Internet, Sensaphone Satellite monitoring systems allow you to stay in touch with your important systems and properties.  Monitor for power failures, contact closures, temperature sensors, water sensors, humidity sensors and more and have the data logged.  Send alarms to multiple users by email or text.