Sensaphone Web Enabled Alarm Monitors

Sensaphone Web Enabled Alarm Monitors

  • Sensaphone International Node - IMS-4003
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    Sensaphone International Node - IMS-4003

    Sensaphone IMS-4000 Node - Description With the IMS-4000 Node, you can extend your monitoring capability across multiple locations. These Nodes each offer 64 more IP addresses, 8 more environmental sensors and additional power monitoring to your...

Sensaphone Web and Internet Remote Monitoring and Alarms


Monitor equipment, sensors, power failures and more and send alerts by email in case of a problem.  Sensaphone web and internet enabled remote monitoring solutions provide data logging for historical sensor data and reporting.  Stand alone models like the WEB600 are self contained with built in web servers and data storage.  While other models like the Sentinel series use cloud storage for sensor data and support multiple contacts, contact scheduling, email, text and even voice or Internet alarms.