SpotProtect WiFi Sensors

SpotProtect WiFi Sensors

  • SpotProtect USB Cable for SpotProtect Sensors - SPOTCABLE
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    SpotProtect USB Cable for SpotProtect Sensors - SPOTCABLE

    Use the SpotProtect cable to connect any SpotProtect device to your computer for the initial set-up and configuration of your Wi-Fi password and security type via the Setup Utility. The cable is a USB Type A Male cable on one end and a 3.5mm stereo jack...

SpotProtect WiFi Sensors

Spotprotect WiFi Sensors allow users to monitor for high or low temperatures, freezing, water leaks, floods, refridgerator and freezer temperatures or any sort of dry contact closure such as from a driveway alarm.

Using our existing WiFi network and Internet connection these sensors send data and alarms to the SpotProtect cloud which logs historical data as well as providing email or text alerts in case of a problem.

Free and paid cloud service options are both available.  The free service allows a single email or text delivery address while the paid service option allows for multiple users, multiple contact points and faster heartbeat monitoring for more critical applications.