Dakota MURS Magnetic Probe Vehicle Sensor - MAPS

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Dakota Alert's MURS Alert Probe Sensor is a wireless vehicle detection driveway alarm whose range and connectivity offers the ideal solution for business owners attempting to monitor customer traffic, farmers monitoring vacant farm sites, or even real estate and home developers who would like to monitor their various remote lots but cannot necessarily afford to provide physical security.

With a range of up to several miles, the MURS transmitter sends wireless alert signals to either your M538-BS or M538-HT transceivers upon detecting approaching vehicles. And with its reliable and sophisticated detection-technology you are free from worrying about approaching or passing animals setting off any false-alarms, which saves you the time, money and effort it can take to perform the often-tedious task of inspecting your properties.

Reliability and safety go hand in hand, and Dakota Alert has taken every precaution to ensure your system will not fail you. As listening to the radios in our cars have taught us, wireless signals can be marked by interference. But your fear of crossing signals can be laid to rest, as the MURS Alert Probe Sensor gives you 5 distinct channels and 38 sub-channels to choose from, eliminating the risk of interference from other user signals. Furthermore, the system requires only 6 AA alkaline batteries with a battery life of six to twelve months under most conditions.

How It Works

Probe is connected to transmitter box with 50' of direct burial cable. Place probe in driveway and when MURS Alert detects vehicle, signal is sent to receiver in spoken English and twice repeats the phrase "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," or "Alert Zone Four." The four alert messages are easily selected at the transmitter, so that up to four different zones can be monitored simultaneously.


  • Monitors up to 4 different zones
  • Compatible with M538-BS or M538-HT transceivers
  • Wireless transmit range of up to several miles
  • Alert signal spoken in English
  • 5 Channels & 38 subchannels to prevent signal interference
  • 6 AA alkaline batteries
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