Dakota MURS Basestation Transceiver - M538-BS

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MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service. The MURS frequencies are permitted to transmit at a higher wattage than Family Radio Service devices, which gives them ten times or greater the range. MURS gives you transmission distances of several miles and is highly recommended for applications where there are a lot of obstructions such as trees, buildings, etc...

The M538-BS is a base station MURS transceiver that receives alert signals from the MURS Alert transmitter and also can be used for two way voice communication between other MURS transceivers. The base station is powered by a plug-in transformer and has 5 channels and 38 sub channels to help you communicate with other users. The FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license while other radio services require a license.


  • Uses MURS, long range, frequencies
  • Communicate over several miles
  • Offers 2-way communication between base stations and/or hand-held transceivers
  • Ideal for applications where there are obstructions
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