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STI-V34100 Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm with Voice Alert
Price: $148.00
model: STI-V34100
STI-V34100 Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm with Voice Alert

Our driveway alarms will protect your home or business.
Never miss a visitor or customer again.

  • For your home: your family will always be notified of visitors arriving day or night. If anyone enters your property or monitored area you will be alerted with a pleasant chime.

  • For your office, retail store, or warehouse: you will be notified when a customer or delivery arrives. Never miss a customer or courier again! A driveway announcer will provide an added security feature to your place of business.
Driveway Announcer
Door Alarm
DriveThru Announcer
...for your home
...for your retail location
...for your drive-through window

Options and their adavatages and disadvantages

Simple installation, less expensive for longer distances
Battery to change, range is limited by trees and buildings.
No outside maintenance and nothing above ground on metal detection systems
May be more expensive on long runs, more difficult to install.
Infra Red
Detects people and cars.
(Moving heat detection)
Detects large animals, occasionally birds and sometimes sunlight.
Metal Sensing Probes
Only detects moving metal.
Will not detect people.