SEN-100-WR-AUTO Wireless Water Sensor for MarCELL With Auto Reset

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SEN-100-WR-AUTO Wireless Water Sensor for MarCELL With Auto Reset

The SEN-100-WR-AUTO is one of the most versatile wireless water sensors on the market. The Water SPuck (short for Sensor Pucks) is made for use with the Marcell-ATT monitoring system. Up to 16 SPucks can be hooked up to the system at any time so you can put one by every toilet, sink, water heater, washer and dishwasher in your home.

The device comes in a self-contained enclosure with no need for extensive installation, making it easy to get started.

When hooked up, it’s able to detect the presence of water immediately and can send information wirelessly through radio frequency to your Marcell-ATT from up to 200 feet away. The system is also constantly monitoring battery life. It’ll report when it’s getting low so that you never run into being in a position where the power is dead. In the event of an alarm, it’ll automatically reset itself for another alarm after 15 minutes.

SEN-100-WR-AUTO Water SPuck Specifications

  • Auto Reset when alarm triggered
  • Connect to 16 SPucks with the Marcell-ATT at any given time
  • Monitors battery life and will report when it’s getting low
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For use exclusively with the Marcell-ATT
  • Can operate on a single battery for around 5 years
  • FCC and IC Certified
  • Dimensions: 0.75” x 2.40”
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