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Washing Machine Leak Sensor
Appliance Specific Leak Sensors - FloodStop
Wireless Home Water Protection - FloodSpot
Water Bug Sensors and Alarms
Water Bug Water Sensors and Alarm Systems
WaterCop Water Sensors and Shutoff
WaterCop Water Sensors
and Wireless Shutoff System
Protected Home Water Alarm
Wireless Temp Alarm - Water Siren Plus

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SumpBobber Float Switch
Letzgo SumpBobber Float Switch
Price: $25.00
Letzgo SumpBobber Float Switch
Sensaphone FGD-0222
Sensaphone FGD-0222 - Contact Type Float Level Switch
Price: $35.99
model: FGD0222
Sensaphone FGD-0222 - Contact Type Float Level Switch

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Featuring brands such as Floodstop, Watercop, Protected Home and Water Bug Systems...

Prevent a Leaking Appliance from ruining your home.
Protect your home from Water Damage!

Appliance Specific Protection:

Never have to worry again about leaving your dishwasher, washing machine etc. running while you are away.

Total Home Protection:

With our sensors and shut off systems - leaks will be terminated as soon as they start.

Whether you're looking for an appliance-specific water shut off system, or whole-home coverage we can help to prevent costly damage from water leaks.