Sure Action Directional Driveway Sensor - SU-P8000

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Sure Action Inc's P8000 Directional Probe:

Sure Action Inc's Directional Probe provides an installer with flexibility. By installing this probe, an installer can have lights turn on and a chime sound when a car enters a driveway, but only have the lights turn on as the car leaves the home. Or a gate may be triggered to open. The directional probe can also be used on long driveways to trigger lights so that only sections of the driveway are lit as a car enters and leaves.

Key Benefits

  • Different functions based on the direction the vehicle is traveling
  • Ability to detect vehicles moving as slow as 1 mph
  • Probe and processor can be up to 1 mile apart

The SU212 processor is required to use the P8000 directional probe.

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