SpotProtect WiFi Humidity Sensor - HUMIDISPOT

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HUMIDISPOT - WiFi Humidity Sensor - Description

The HumidiSpot monitors for high levels of humidity and alerts you via text and/or email when humidity levels are outside of acceptable ranges. The Humidispot comes with a free subscription for one user to the SpotProtect cloud to log a history of all communication and readings from the unit and to adjust and edit notification preferences. Once connected the user can login to the cloud and check history anyday and anytime. A $99 anual subscription fee is available for more than 1 user.

  • 802.11 b/g (2.412 - 2.484 GHz)
  • Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Security Standards
  • +/- 2% under normal conditions (50% - 90% RH)
  • Scientific grade sensor
  • +/- 1.8% accuracy (between 10% - 90% RH)
  • Calculates dewpoint
  • Operates off of 2 included AA batteries for up to 5 years
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